• Medical & Overview Forms (By April 1st at the latest)
    • These forms are so important in making sure we are prepared for each participants' unique needs and abilities.  Please complete these forms!
    • If you have participated in Miss Amazing in the last year and the information needed has not changed (and was completed online last year) you do not need to complete them again.  
  • Upload your Talent Music (if participating in talent showcase)
  • Buddy Application
    • If the participant is bringing her own buddy, please have them fill out the buddy application form and type the requested participant's name in the notes section.  We have lots of awesome buddies and recommend your participant makes a new friend!
  • Right Hand Man Application
    • If the participant would like a friend, family member, or other male in her life to escort her on stage, please have them complete the right hand man application HERE (bottom of page).
  • Practice!  This is a great opportunity for participants to really work on some important life skills.  Some participants do better just "winging it", and we will hold rehearsals and practice the day of the event.  Do whatever is most comfortable for your participant!
  • Travel Plans: If you are traveling to come to our event, make sure you are all set for the trip!
    • Hotel- If you are in need of a hotel for the event, email Amy and Bri to let the know you are interested in a group rate so we can estimate how many rooms are needed.
  • Food Plans: If your participant has specific dietary requirements or allergies, please prepare to bring a meal for Saturday. Snacks will also be available throughout the event.  
    • We always try our best to provide options for everyone & will try to announce our menu ahead of time.  


  • Bring your canned food items to check-in.  Remember, this is the only cost for participation in our event.  All items will be donated to a local food pantry!
  • What to wear: participants should wear something they can be comfortable in all day.  They will be given their official Miss Amazing T-Shirt at check-in to wear throughout the day!
  • Bring your formal wear outfit, shoes, and accessories to be stored in the dressing room throughout the day. 
  • Alternate food option (if needed)
  • Hair & makeup services will be provided.  You do not need to bring your own supplies unless preferred. 
  • Ticket wristbands will be available for purchase (for both shows) at the Merchandise table.  
    • Please remember that ticket sales help bring in money to keep our program going and create such a special event.  All family members and friends must purchase show tickets.  

Talent Show Check list (Optional

  • If you did not/were unable to upload talent music, please bring your music to rehearsal.  It is always a good idea to have a backup plan either way!
  • Make sure you have your talent outfit, accessories, props, etc ready to go!